About My Figures

Created one at a time, each Santa starts out with a wire armature. Next, a canvas body is created and then an extra “body skin” of fabric is used to add shape and character. Heads are individually sculpted using polymer clay.

Only the highest quality materials are used in my Santa making process. Glass eyes are used to give a life-like quality and eyelashes are carefully applied by hand. I design and create the costumes using the finest fabrics and trims which I hand select for each Santa. When I use real fur or leather it is recycled from vintage coats. Beards and wigs are created using mohair and other natural fibers that I hand select, wash, and then individually apply. Props for my Santas are both purchased and often handmade. Many times my husband assists me in creating special props for particular Santas. Most figures stand on a wood base.

My One-of-A-Kind Santas are created around a specific theme usually inspired by a unique prop or fabric. Occasionally a particular theme might be duplicated but the end result will be unique to that Santa.

Designer Santas are robed Santas created with a weighted canvas body attached to a wood base and do not have legs. Each Designer Santa is also a One-of-a-Kind and stands between 18” – 30” tall and is costumed using unique fabrics and trims that I have collected over the years.

Since each Santa is created by hand and takes between 40 – 60 hours to complete, only a limited number of Santas are created each year. Each Santa is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I have dedicated myself to developing my own style of Santas, each with a unique character and theme. I create each Santa with the intent that it will become a collectible heirloom proudly displayed and admired for many years to come.